Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Sealcoating :-)

I am still working on the slippery coats of the boys. I wanted to share a funny story about the carving project. I started this project the first of January thanks to the kindness and generosity of a couple who have a home on Lake Winnipesaukee.
About three weeks into the project, I was feeling a little sensitive over the time I was taking trying to get into the project. I was chiseling and cutting away at the seals trying to make some progress to show.
On a Sunday morning I received a cryptic note and a photo sent from them while they were in China. It said "they work much faster over here :-)" My jaw dropped,my lower lip quivered, and then I had a big laugh. I wrote back "OUCH". Seal carving in China is a bit different than my seal carving here. Over there it is for a family a coat of arms. Very Very Funny :-) Here is the photo they attached, I am still laughing about it, and still sensitive.... hahaha Scroll to the previous post :-)

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