Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Big Trip!!!

Hello Helloo :-) The seals took a drive to visit their new home :-). They have decided to stay :-(. I am happy they were welcomed home , however, and they will get sooo much love there. Along the way I was determined to track down my grandson Jackson, and get some pictures of him. Remember, you need a high speed lens and lots of patience to get a photo of him:-). Jackson was more than accomodating in the photo shoot, and he gave the seals a proper send off. Jackson has been my little inspiration on the project. Sooo, the seals made the long , slow trip to Lake Winnipesaukee, Baboo up front with me, and Sapere lounging in the back. With frost heaves in the roads of NH , I was afraid of too much bouncing with the seals. We made it, and they were welcomed with great fanfare, which made me very happy and very proud of them. The little one is sitting inside with a view of his playground for a few weeks, while I locate a large sunny rock for both of them. This will be my last post for a few weeks until I can get a photo of them sunning themselves on the lakes edge. Thank you all for viewing my blog, it has been so much fun for me, and I hope fun for you. What a project :-)...have a nice weekend!!! Joe

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The boys are going for a ride

The boys are headed to Lake Winnipesaukee to see their new home tomorrow. I am not sure if they like the idea of riding in a truck, but it is too far to swim :-). I will post some photos of them tomorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Sealcoating :-)

I am still working on the slippery coats of the boys. I wanted to share a funny story about the carving project. I started this project the first of January thanks to the kindness and generosity of a couple who have a home on Lake Winnipesaukee.
About three weeks into the project, I was feeling a little sensitive over the time I was taking trying to get into the project. I was chiseling and cutting away at the seals trying to make some progress to show.
On a Sunday morning I received a cryptic note and a photo sent from them while they were in China. It said "they work much faster over here :-)" My jaw dropped,my lower lip quivered, and then I had a big laugh. I wrote back "OUCH". Seal carving in China is a bit different than my seal carving here. Over there it is for a family a coat of arms. Very Very Funny :-) Here is the photo they attached, I am still laughing about it, and still sensitive.... hahaha Scroll to the previous post :-)

Seal Carving

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oops Forgot this Photo

This shows the coat a bit better.

Calm Before The Storm

Hello :-) Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been polishing the shiny coats, and it is difficult to show the progress. Jackson says they are "smooth" with a big smile...he wouldn't sit still long enough to catch him in a photo yesterday. You need a high speed lens to catch that little imp. I have attached a photo with Baboo watching the progress :-) I will write more later , I want to share a funny story about the progress. Rain rain rain tomorrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello Hello!

Ok, I have returned from a busy weekend at the NH Home Show. The boys got a lot of attention from the attendees. I had photos of them up on my computer to show off the family photos, ha ha:-) Anyway,they were anxiously awaiting my return this morning. Lots of polishing and buffing this week, their coats need to shine :-)