Saturday, February 20, 2010


I decided to put a little time in today, what a nice day! I made the larger seals eyes bigger. Little Baboo, is going thru a big makeover, I think I will wait until Monday to post any new pictures of him....he is a bit bashful after all of the work. I am shortening his nose to look a little more proportioned, and taking the peak off of the top of his head. I was afraid Jackson was going to call him a turtle...ha ha! He is too honest for his own good. I also enlarged his eyes a bit, and worked on highlighting the eye socket a little more.
I was doing a little research at Borders last night...lots of art books. My favorite artists are Modigliani and Rodin, and have numerous books on their work. I was fortunate enough, on two separate visits to London, to see exhibits on both artists. Anyway, Modigliani did a few stone carvings in his short existence, and Rodin was a stone mason before he became a great sculptor....interesting,no? I found out that tidbit on Rodin last night.......... Ok, enough daydreaming, ha ha:-)I will attach a photo of my Modigliani style sculpture, and one of that little imp Jackson.

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